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  1. Good Evening Po Brother. I am an INC member here in USA.
    After reading some of your posts and hearing about the shameful acts of the Administration, I would like to ask what can I do to help? I feel that I no longer have respect in regards to the current Administration and only wish that it will be cleansed of the devil.
    I can recall as a child, my parents and I would visit Central and meet Ka Erano. My parents would share their concerns and they were heard and resolved. There were no bias decisions or favoritism. When my parents arrived in Central, in 2015, they were not able to even schedule to see anyone.
    Are you familiar po of the limitations the Administration has in USA? For example, during announcement after worship service, it is against the law to announce anyone for de-listment, this falls under the tort law, defamation of character.
    I believe that the truth you have reviled will be easier shared in the US due to respect the American government has to its people.
    Again, how can I help po?
    Thank you Po Brother. Please reply.


  2. Hi brother,
    First of all I want to say how much I support and believe you…
    Also I thank you for the actions that you have done in exposing the corruption within the church. I know you have nothing but love for the church and our Almighty God, and despite the dangers that you might face, you still chose to risk everything for the better of the church.
    I was wondering if I can contact you in any way? I’m in desperate need of advice. To put it bluntly, I’m weakening in my faith. I need the advice of a minister I respect, and honestly the ministers that we know cannot easily be approached with such matters, and the good ministers that we had have all been sent to far away places.
    The church the I was born into, that looked up to, respected, loved and dedicated my life in serving I fear no longer exists. It breaks my heart to see what has happened to our beloved church.
    Please brother if it’s not too much trouble…


      1. gd pm po kapatid,una po sa lahat ako’y sumusulat dahil hindi upang panigan ang sinoman sa iglesia,kapatid ang inyo po ginawa na pahahayag ay para sa aking pananaw ay magpapakita kung pano mareresolve ang mga naging problema sa inc,
        kapatid,nais ko lang po sanang maglabas ng aking nalalaman,hindi ko po alam kung papano ko po ito sasabihin,ito po ay ukol sa isang anak ng kapatid na jun santos,ito po ay tungkol kay jet saantos,ANG MAY ARI NG JET BISTRO,kapatid ako po ay nalulungkot na malaman na si jet santos ay may katipan na tagasanlibutan ang pangalan ay chef chris cordero na siya ang head chef sa jet bistro,ang kinalulungkot ko po ay bakit ito pinapayagan at sila pa mismo ang naging caterer sa philippine arena,ayon po sa aking nalalaman sa ngayon po ay magkakaway ang mag amang jet against jun santos and family,kapatid ang pinag ugatan ng away ay tungkol sa concert ni chris brown, kapatid pasensya na po ayaw ko lang po manghina ang pananampalataya ng ibang kapatid na nakakaalam nito, kapatid marami pa pang akong nalalaman tungkol sa taong ito marami po salamat ,


  3. Hello Brother.
    I thank you very much. I am a brother here in the District of Northern California. Imagine my surprise when I started hearing the worship service lessons talking about persecution, brethren causing division, crying about someone crying false accusations. Brother Manny Andian, if that is how you spell his name, the minister of USMO kept repeating it over and over again. He talked about a facebook page, a twitter account, and he said especially a Blog. That is how I found you.

    In the past, whenever the Church was threatened, the appropriate thing to do was to ignore it, but Brother Manny was so serious. It was to the point it became suspicious as if the administration was hiding something. Now I know what.

    Thank you brother, please keep this up. I will pray to God to settle this matter, otherwise, God forbid, it will be settled by non members outside of the church.


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